"The magic
of life":

Currently, there is a huge gap from cell culture research to clinical applications, which has reason:

Biomaterials for cell culture applications still consist of single components from animals (e.g. rat tail collagen type-1, mouse tumor laminin-111) in most cases.

Under these conditions, cells often change their surface markers (cell receptors) and often their phenotype (cell morphology), which can result in false positive / negative cell culture results, because human tissue is not composed of a single animal protein, it is composed of over 300 different human proteins, which as a sum create “the magic of life”: Tissues. Organs. Humans.

😊 Therefore, we developed our human material-based, multi-component system (human placenta Substrate; hpS) with many 2D/3D applicability’s in cell culture (a Platform Technology). Following the lines of nature, our product should enable you a better quality, effectiveness and safety for your  cell culture research.

😊 Our research also follows the 3R movement “Reduce, Refine, and Replace animal materials in science”!