Dr. nat. techn.

Fortunately, I was born on a Sunday in June 1977 in Hainburg/Donau. As a “simple boy from the countryside, diversity and the wonders of nature” have always been an important personal issue for me – because I have always drawn my strength from nature.

But when I switched to the school system, the profound “diversity and the wonders of nature” were suddenly compensated to “shallow 45 minutes of teaching” – and thus for me as a “young person” quite uninteresting, so I left school, and earned money – I was young. For example, as a soldier, I was running with Navy Seals in the mountains of Slovenia, experiencing “a lot of crazy things”. I “pushed my horns off”, so to say. I finished my final exams externally – focused, subject-by-subject. I sold motorcycles, worked as a call center agent, a porter and more. I like to be outside – on mountains, in caves, rivers, forests or lakes – to regenerate. I cared for 4 years as a professional masseur for patients and athletes. I lived in Sweden for 1 year. I have carved a wooden crib and many other 3D objects. I have finished several Ironmans and completed a doctoral degree in biotechnology with distinction at the BOKU Vienna. I wrote a “motivation book about diversity and the future”, to handle my knowledge over to the next “farsighted players”. I am a “Young Science Ambassador”, now giving lectures in front of various audiences such as in the Metropol in Vienna, at schools, or at international congresses and I have 2 healthy children.

Ultimately, I was also able to discover “diversity” as a professional researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology. In the near future, we plan to launch a biotech-startup with the specific goal – to move research results more rapidly from cell culture (in vitro) into clinical applications (in vivo) – thanks to diversity – and by that, the circle of this (my) story closes again. ©Johannes Hackethal.



My real life started with fifteen. In my left hand a chisel, in my right a hammer.  It was the start of a four years lasting learning to become an electrician. Due to my interests, I learned how to play guitar and mouth organ. I decided to see the world and stayed finally for almost two years in Toronto/Canada installing sky crabbers. I had a feeling that there is more to learn, returned to Vienna and applied for the Technical High School Vienna to become a graduated engineer in telecommunication. During this time, I had all kind of different jobs. I made my first patent (method to densify recordings on magnetic tapes in order to increase storage capacity) and sold it to Siemens.

After graduation, I joined a development department of Philips Austria Industry GmbH and introduced the new age of digitalization with programmable circuits to control dictation equipment. I had the opportunity to develop the first dictation desktop unit with microprocessors (INTEL came up in the seventies with the first microprocessor chip). The business unit produced over one million products of the desktop dictating machine LFH 812 in Austria and became the number one on the world market in this segment. Two additional patents followed during this time and my two lovely children were born too.

A successfully 26 years lasting career followed at Philips in different business units which brought me around the world in several positions such as project, development, transfer and logistic manager, director and finally  within in a shutdown team confronted with the end of the Austrian industry in Vienna.     

At the same time, I started my own business as consultant and coach with my first client Philips. Moreover, I worked as free lecturer for quality, process and technical subjects as well as for business administration issues at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. I enjoyed working with young people for almost eighteen years. During this time, I remembered my talents for painting, drawing, making music and started playing saxophone.

In those days, I happened to meet a young ambitious scientist who has an interesting hopeful view of the future. He invited me to manage a very challenging startup together with him in an area I never thought off to be. However, it is a story of diversity. This again, is one of the wonderful facts I experienced:

You never know what you will do on your way, but constantly decisions for changes. Just like a sailor, yes: the wind, the nature, tells him how he has to navigate toward his destination. Sometimes there is no wind, there is silence and these can be great moments of life as well. Now, I expect a fresh breeze again!

Univ.Prof.DI Dr.Heinz Redl, Advisory Board

Heinz Redl has a background in biochemistry with almost 40 years’ experience in trauma and regenerative medicine research. He is director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Experimental and Clinical Traumatology within the main trauma research center of AUVA representing 7 trauma and 4 rehabilitation centers and holds the position of Associated Professor at the Technical University Vienna, Institute for Chemical Engineering. In 2006, he founded the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration, which includes work groups from academia and industry with multiple research targets. To further enhance industry cooperation he founded also the company Trauma Care Consult, which is specialized on preclinical research and covers products registration at FDA and EMA. In 2014 he co-founded the spin-off company Liporegena and in 2017 MorphoMed. Prof. Redl organized many conferences in the field of regenerative medicine such as the World Congress for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERMIS) 2012, the Bernard Wiggers Congress in 2017 and annual workshops (Winterschool in Radstadt). He holds positions in several societies, such as Chair of TERMIS-EU and is member of multiple editorial boards (e.g. Tissue Eng, J TERM, eCM). His expertise includes experience in different fields of tissue regeneration, co-developer of the fibrin sealant system (>30 years), developer of surgical devices in current clinical use and many collaboration projects with major industry partners. He has written >520 papers, holds >10 patents and has participated in several EC projects.