Dr. nat. techn.

Johannes Hackethal has worked in the Austrian health sector with over 10 years’ experience in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He was studying in Sweden for 1 year and accomplished his Doctoral Thesis at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna with distinction in 2018. He is young Science ambassador, has written many public grants (e.g. FFG) and supervised many students during his studies. Johannes Hackethal holds invention disclosures, a patent, and several publications in this field. He founded the company THT Biomaterials to enhance the quality in tissue engineering by replacing animal components by human components from placenta in 2020 together with Peter Goldmann.


Peter Goldmann has worked in the Philips Austria Industry GmbH in different global business units. He helped introducing the new age of digitalization with programmable circuits to control dictation equipment and developed the first dictation desktop unit with microprocessors (INTEL came up in the seventies with the first microprocessor chip). The business unit produced over one million products of the desktop dictating machine LFH 812 in Austria and became the number one on the world market in this segment. He developed three patents in this field. In 2002 he started his own business as consultant and lecturer with Philips and the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna (quality, process and technical subjects, business administration).

Univ.Prof.DI Dr.Heinz Redl, Advisory Board

Heinz Redl has a background in biochemistry with almost 40 years’ experience in trauma and regenerative medicine research. He was director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Experimental and Clinical Traumatology within the main trauma research center of AUVA representing 7 trauma and 4 rehabilitation centers. In 2006, he founded the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration, which includes work groups from academia and industry with multiple research targets. In 2014 he co-founded the spin-off company Liporegena and in 2017 MorphoMed. Prof. Redl organized many conferences in the field of regenerative medicine such as the World Congress for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERMIS) 2012 or the Bernard Wiggers Congress in 2017. He holds positions in several societies, such as Chair of TERMIS-EU and is member of multiple editorial boards (e.g. Tissue Eng, J TERM, eCM). His expertise includes experience in different fields of tissue regeneration, co-developer of the fibrin sealant system (>30 years), developer of surgical devices in current clinical use and many collaboration projects with major industry partners. He has written >520 papers, holds >10 patents and has participated in several EC projects.

Dipl. Ing. Dr.
Andreas Teuschl

Andreas Teuschl studied Chemical Engineering at the Technical University Vienna, finishing his diploma in 2008 and his PhD thesis in 2012, both in the field of structural proteins including collagen and silk at the LBI Trauma/AUVA research center. In 2012, he joined the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (UASTW) and is currently the program director of the master study program “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine” at the UASTW. In 2015, he completed a 6-months research stay at Prof. Kaplan’s Laboratory at Tufts University in Boston to pursue ideas on silk proteins for tissue engineering applications. So far Andreas Teuschl published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles in the fields of tissue engineering with a focus on naturally derived biomaterials. Moreover he is the main inventor of the proprietary medical silk technology of MorphoMed GmbH (www.morphomed.at, 2 filed patents in USA, Europe, China and South Korea), where he acts as Chief Scientific Officer. Since 2019, due to his manifold and successful research activities, he was appointed to lead the research focus field of “Tissue Engineering and Molecular Life Science Technologies” at the UASTW.