Dr. nat. techn.

Fortunately, I was born on a Sunday in June 1977 in Hainburg/Donau. As a “simple boy from the countryside, diversity and the wonders of nature” have always been an important personal issue for me – because I have always drawn my strength from nature.

But when I switched to the school system, the profound “diversity and the wonders of nature” were suddenly compensated to “shallow 45 minutes of teaching” – and thus for me as a “young person” quite uninteresting, so I left school, and earned money – I was young. For example, as a soldier, I was running with Navy Seals in the mountains of Slovenia, experiencing “a lot of crazy things”. I “pushed my horns off”, so to say. I finished my final exams externally – focused, subject-by-subject. I sold motorcycles, worked as a call center agent, a porter and more. I like to be outside – on mountains, in caves, rivers, forests or lakes – to regenerate. I cared for 4 years as a professional masseur for patients and athletes. I lived in Sweden for 1 year. I have carved a wooden crib and many other 3D objects. I have finished several Ironmans and completed a doctoral degree in biotechnology with distinction at the BOKU Vienna. I wrote a “motivation book about diversity and the future”, to handle my knowledge over to the next “farsighted players”. I am a “Young Science Ambassador”, now giving lectures in front of various audiences such as in the Metropol in Vienna, at schools, or at international congresses and I have 2 healthy children.

Ultimately, I was also able to discover “diversity” as a professional researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology. In the near future, we plan to launch a biotech-startup with the specific goal – to move research results more rapidly from cell culture (in vitro) into clinical applications (in vivo) – thanks to diversity – and by that, the circle of this (my) story closes again. ©Johannes Hackethal.